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Providing complete multi-discipline Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management
services to the petroleum industry

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Quality Driven Culture

Selecting the Right EPCM Partner is the Most Important Decision You Can Make
CUE EPCM Partners draws upon the vast experience of its members to ensure that our clients consistently receive the most thoroughly planned and designed, cost-effective and successful projects possible. Our emphasis during the planning and design phases ensures our clients’ receive the appropriate solution for their needs, in addition to the lowest possible initial capital outlay and continued operations and maintenance costs over the service life of the project.

Services We Offer

Engineering Services

Performing all project engineering disciplines; from process and mechanical through EIC and stress analysis – you can trust us to get the job done right and on time.
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Project Management

Whether its a small project, or a large scale production, we have the experience and the right team to make sure your project stays on budget, and gets delivered on time.
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Design & Drafting

We offer an extensive list of Design & Drafting Services
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  • “I have worked with CUE EPCM on a number of projects and they always provide outstanding value and customer service as an EPCM. Jeff and his team are able to provide a fit for purpose engineering solution that is extremely cost effective and without compromise. As soon as I commit to the projects, the engineering timelines are fast and the drawing package quality is exceptional. I highly recommend CUE EPCM.”

    Brian Dittmer
  • "... focus driven, innovative and results oriented professionals..."

  • “Custom Upstream worked under our pressure to deliver us a product ahead of schedule. Their engineers and I were able to work seamlessly together, sharing responsibilities of procuring both new and used equipment and working on the facility design. With a little creativity from both parties we were able to erect an efficient, functional, operator friendly compressor station and keep our equipment costs low.”

    Carson Mikula
  • “Jeff and his team at CUE EPCM Partners are one of the best Engineering firms that I have had the pleasure of working with over my 12 years doing oil and gas construction projects. They have a strong focus on communication and value add engineering. I specifically like the fit for purpose engineering they do for me. Well engineered, accurate but cost effective. I get what I need, when I need it; on budget”

    Marc Landry, Project/Operations Manager
  • "....expertise coupled with years of engineering experience, an in depth knowledge of engineering codes and practical skills..."

  • "...effective solutions to complex engineering designs..."

  • " projects were very time sensitive... able to meet the tight deadlines on all of those projects and raising the bar to produce quality work at the same time...."

  • "...above all, the cost of the projects delivered were unbeatable..."

  • "...really impressed with all the good work you’ve done, we've been burned before on “over-engineering” and your pragmatic approach on very short notice was noted and very much appreciated..."



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