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3D Laser Scanning Integration

Employing 3D laser scanning where beneficial reduces field time, minimizes facility shutdowns during construction, provides unambiguous drawing sets and allows for shop fabrication/testing of new equipment and piping. We’re working closely with an independent laser survey contractor to ensure the lowest cost for our clients.

Field Representation That’s Local to Your Operations

At CUE EPCM, we believe in developing close alliances with field engineers and as-built draftspersons, local to where our clients are active, to help reduce the costs and cut the time associated with obtaining remote site information. We are connected in Estevan and Kindersley, Saskatchewan, and Ft. St. John, British Columbia. Our team expands to benefit our clients.

Cost Effective MOC, Maintenance and Operations Support

At CUE EPCM, we’re proud of our ability to stay lean and nimble on small projects, which makes us a perfect fit for what are typically low cost centre Operational budgets. Employing the right team for these projects is important in any market conditions, not just during the downturns.

Subscription Based Engineering Support

For qualifying clients and development programs, we are ‘breaking the mold’ of current engineering firm/client “hourly” relationships and can offer a new business model based upon our long term strategic partnership – hence, CUE EPCM Partners. Please contact us to discuss the innovative details.

Minimizing Facility Costs by Templating and Modularization

With repetitive development programs and through obtaining constant closed-loop feedback on facility designs and constructability, we continue to refine our designs and minimize engineering, drafting and procurement burden. Our modularization of facility designs allows for low cost (high quality) in-shop construction with drastically reduced field construction timelines.

Lump Sum Engineering

Projects with a firm scope and a solid understanding of client and CUE EPCM requirements can be categorized as lump sum turn-key engineering support at defined payment intervals.

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