At CUE we are invested in Health & Safety

CUE is proud to have qualified for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program – an initiative that recognizes employers who implement and maintain a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards. With our effective health and safety management system CUE has created a culture of proactive workplace safety.

We chose the most stringent and exacting auditor, Enform, to ensure our health and safety standards. Established by industry for industry, Enform helps companies achieve their safety goals by promoting shared safety practices and providing effective training, expert audit services and professional advice. CUE is proud to have achieved a 98% rating in our most recent safety audit.

Choosing Enform as our certifying partner of the COR program brings many benefits to our clients and employees. Please see the Enform website.

To view the complete Certificate of Recognition Health and Safety Audit Protocol, download it here.